About Us

Borne from the frustration of seeing so many single use plastic bags being used for shopping, knowing most would end up in landfill or our waterways, and having been inspired by a gift received from a co-founder, Re-BagOz was formed.

Three women wanting to make a difference and change the way people actually bought their food, so we set about finding a quality product. It took a little while! This time falls under the umbrella of “Research and Development!” In plain speak, trial and error combined with a lot of reading, emails, phone calls and lots of meetings! 

Between working, husbands, children and more importantly, grandchildren, we have developed useful products that we hope you will happily use to lessen your environmental footprint.

Why are we concentrating on cotton products?  Because we believe natural products are more biodegradable at the end of their working life,  and we think have a more organic feel when you use them.  

We are newbies at Social Media (probably due to our combined ages!) so bear with us while we get help from our tech savvy children and grandchildren. 

Lory Lex Marg